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Bring your own light for underwater photography

If you wish to succeed in your underwater photography practices, bringing your own light source is indispensable. You could not take a good still photography under the water while diving without using your own light for it.

Water absorbs light more than we would imagine, and therefore even the natural light which we can find when diving near the surface would never be good enough for us to take a good picture with it. Once we go some meters into the water, only bluish rays of natural light go all the way through.

This way, if you are willing to take pictures while you dive, you should bring and use your own light or, even though you use a great camera, you would still not be able to take pictures. Besides, you should always remember that the deeper you go into the water, the darker it is and therefore as you go deeper you should carry a light source adequately powerful.

Due to the way in which water and its consistency intermediates between the camera lens and the object you wish to photograph, it is also important that you go as close to the object as possible. While diving and wishing to take pictures under the water, trying to focus on an object through the camera lens is not easy, and unless we are really close to it the picture would not look good.

If you are new at taking pictures under the water while diving, you should use a wide angle lens since it would help you taking a picture of an object which might not be as close as it should but still look good. Besides using your own light source, you should also ask for advice and learn some underwater photography basics in order to be able to take good underwater pictures while enjoying your diving.

The light source you use at the time of taking a picture while you dive, the camera and the lens you choose are very important factors, but the way in which you approach the object you want to photograph and the way you control the camera and your body movements might have a great importance as well.

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