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The relation of water and sound while diving

When we are diving, there are several changes in the way we perceive and sense what surrounds us. Our body is built to breath and move in the air medium, and therefore, while it is into the water and is not in its natural environment it becomes exposed to different pressure, compression or oxygen levels among other things which affect it.

While diving, we perceive sounds in a very different way than when we hear them in the air. These differences might alter the way in which we recognize what surround us and the objects which might be either near or far from us, and therefore it is very important that we know how this affects us in order to be able to properly recognize our environment while we are diving.

One of the main differences between the way in which we perceive sounds in the air and the way we do it in the water is that while being in the water we can hear them at greater distances. This way, while diving we might feel like a boat is very close to us by the way we perceive it sounds when it actually is 15 meters away.

Another way in which the way we perceive sounds while diving can affect us is by disorienting us. Due to the fact that we do not know how far an object is or from which exact point its sound comes, we might not be able to properly orient ourselves towards it. Therefore, it is important that a diver knows this might happen and learn how to determine with more precision where sounds come from by practicing.

Besides, people voices and sounds in general change and can be hardly recognized in comparison to the way they sound in the surface. Also, other noises such as those which come from decompression chambers or engines might make that we can not hear other noises or sounds around us. Therefore, while we dive it is important that we have all our senses alert and pay attention to everything that surrounds us.

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