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Partial pressure and diving

Partial pressure in diving is a factor which depends on the behavior of different factors in the water. The relation between water and physics affect the way in which human body moves and feels in its environment in more ways than we might imagine. Due to the fact that the human body is built to be in the surface and while being in the water it is in an environment strange to it, we should learn what the effects of this situation would be on us when we enter it for diving.

Breathing gases are composed by different individual components which might vary in richness and which compose the partial pressure. These factors are part of the diver activities and might affect from a recreational diving to a professional one. By learning about partial pressure and how to follow the advice which it provides, divers might be able to avoid several different important health problems.

The concept of partial pressure is not easy to understand due to the complexity of the factors which compose it. In order to properly understand the concept of partial pressure from its roots, there formulas and laws that might be explained and followed, but divers can find out the information they might need by knowing one general formula.

Partial pressure in diving is calculated by multiplying absolute pressure for fraction of gas. Calculating partial pressure in general allows us to learn how does gas dissolve and react. Applied to diving, this allows learning when certain health problems might happen to us due to the specific mixture of gases in a specific point while being in the water.

One of the problems which divers might have due to partial pressures of gases is hypoxia, which shows by making them go suddenly unconscious. Another partial pressure related problem is oxygen toxicity, which causes divers to suffer convulsions if they are at the wrong place. Also, divers could go into a nitrogen narcosis caused by a gas mixture that contains nitrogen and this might also cause them difficulties while being in the water. As it is noticeable, there are several problems which might be caused by partial pressure gases mixtures and it is important that divers are aware of them.

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