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Oxygen and human metabolism

Oxygen is one of the main worries, if not the main, which divers have once they decide to go into the water. It is crucial to the human body in many ways, and it could cause the diver's death if he ran out of it while being diving in the depth and not being able to reach the surface or an alternative source of oxygen in time.

There are many animals which can be into the water although they need oxygen as well as humans do, such as diving mammals. The way in which humans and diving mammals process this element is one of the main distinctive between them. Diving animals have their organisms adapted to storing and distributing oxygen while being into the water, and somehow, this is what humans imitate with their diving artificial equipment.

In order to learn the importance of oxygen and the impact it has in human body, it is important that divers learn what happens once oxygen enters their body. The process which oxygen goes through once it is in our organism is very complex and the function it has is vital due to the fact that it is indispensable for our body cells to keep alive.

By inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide we make several things happen into our organisms and we actually are making it function. Oxygen goes through many important stages once it enters our organism, which starts once it goes to the lungs and ends as carbon dioxide.

Once the oxygen we inhaled goes to our lungs, our organism uses it as a fuel in order to burn the food, the acids and sugar glucose that we have into our bodies from what we ate. By burning the food we ate with the oxygen we inhaled, our organism turns it into energy.

The energy burnt by the oxygen we inhale goes to our body cells and feeds them. This way, our body structure, and each one of the cells from which it is made need oxygen to keep alive. Once oxygen acts as a fuel to food and turns it into energy which feeds our cells, our organism sends as carbon dioxide back and this is what we exhale.

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