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Use a whistle to be heard

There are whistles which are specially thought for being used while being under the water. These kinds of whistles are very loud and powerful, intended to allow people who are in or under the water to communicate with others in case they need it. Their sound is so powerful that it would allow you to be heard loud from the surface while you are diving into the water.

A whistle can be a great help whenever you are under the water and need help. If you try them in the air they might sound too much loud since they are meant to be used in a water environment which absorbs part of the sound it makes. Actually, they often come with a warning telling people not to try them at home or in any closed environment as well as they come with a warning telling not to let them near children.

This special whistles where first developed for military uses, in order to allow soldiers to send signals and ask for help while being in the water. After that, these kinds of whistles have been improved and specialized for any water related activity in which a loud sound could be helpful as a signal.

A diving whistle can reach around 95 decibels of power which allows its users to be even heard from people who are in a helicopter. This way, if you are lost or need to be rescued, you can easily call the attention of those who are looking for you with a whistle of this kind. If you are on the surface or at any place very far from the people who are looking for you, this whistle would ensure you from being heard by them.

A whistle allows divers to be clearly heard by people who are on the surface. This is not only good in case a diver has an emergency and needs to call the attention of others, but also in cases in which any kind of coordination is needed or in which signals can be useful. Therefore, having a whistle can be a very good idea for divers since it could turn out to be helpful in many different situations.

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