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Tips regarding an instrument panel or console

An instrument panel or console allows divers to know what is the air pressure and depth at any given moment among some other extra functions which they might come with. But, although they might come with other functions, those are the main and most important ones and you should pay attention to these characteristics before checking any other features which an instrument panel might offer.

Among the main things you should pay attention to regarding instrument panels or consoles are how easy it is to read the information they give. You should be able to check the air pressure in the tank or the depth easily and without any difficulty; the instrument panel should be a help and never be an obstacle to your diving practices.

There is a wide variety of instrument panels and consoles which offer many different types and styles as well as come with different functions. Some of them come with boards which allow you to write on them, some others indicate you what is the actual temperature of the water, and you might even find a luminescent one.

The ideal instrument panel would be a unit which comes with all the features and functions you might need in one compact console. Some instrument panels come with individual modules which divers can wear on a hose or on their wrist if they wish. Whatever the type and model of console you choose is, it is advisable that you wash it every time you use it and keep it clean as well as you should handle it carefully and avoid scratching or hitting it.

An important tip you should have into account is to always make sure that your instrument panel is secure before you go into the water. An instrument panel might be exposed to many dangers if it is unsecured, for example a reef could easily damage it. It can also happen vice versa and your console might damage a reef or a coral. Therefore, it is highly recommendable that you secure the instrument panel before you start diving.

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