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The weight belt

Weight belts are a great help for divers at the time of submerging, which is not such an easy task as it might seem. Weight belts can make the submersion much easier and once a diver finds it difficult to go into the water he can easily overcome such obstacle by adjusting his weight belt.

Sometimes divers are afraid of wearing a weight belt since they feel they might wish to come up to the surface and it will not allow them; but weight belts have a very easy to release buckle in order to let divers release it with a very easy movement. If a diver finds himself in an emergency he can release his weight belt by even using just one hand.

The average weight belt is usually made of tough nylon and its size is about two inches wide. The lead can be chosen by the diver and according to his particular preferences. Some divers use bricks while some others use shaped lead with a plastic coat. This way, the diver can always choose the kind of weight he will be using, and he can always change it if he is unhappy with it.

The weight of this kind of belts is usually divided and incremented from five to five or from ten to ten pounds. This weight pieces are designed in such a way that they go thread into the weight belt and you can add more or take them off whenever you need it since the proper weight varies from one person to another and sometimes also depending on circumstances.

The right place for your weight belt to be is before the tank and the buoyancy control device, and it must be buckled on your left side in order to allow you releasing it easily if you are in an emergency. Once you have done this, there are some specific indications you must follow and which you should ideally practice if you are new at it. If you are wearing a weight belt for the first time, it is advisable that you consult a diving professional and follow their guidelines before using it and going into the water.

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