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The Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

The buoyancy control device (BCD) is a piece of diving equipment which allows divers to float through the water neutrally. This is a great help since it allows divers to practice the sport much easily and without worrying for buoyancy problems. If a diver can’t float as he wish and can’t manage to go to one point from the other easily, this will turn the diving activity into a problematic practice more than a pleasant one.

Buoyancy control can become a great problem once the diver is into the water and either can't remain into the depth or can't go up when he wishes without having to struggle for it. If a diver is using too much weight, this will become a problem whenever he wishes to move upper into the water, and if he is using just a little of weight he might find it hard to keep into the water.

Therefore, a buoyancy control device or BCD can make the diving experience much easier and pleasant than it would be without this device. If you learn how to use it properly, it would allow you to dive in full control of the way you float into the water and moving towards the points you wish.

In order to achieve the neutral buoyancy state which the BCD can provide, you must just add air to it and it will do this for you. Besides this, the way in which we breath and the amount of air which enters into our lungs also have a great impact on how much buoyancy control we can have.

Once the BCD is adjusted and ready and we have learnt how to breath properly, we will be able to go into the water maintaining a neutral buoyancy state. If we still find it difficult, there can be two factors which cause it: we are too tense or we are not maintaining the right body position. Therefore, besides than adjusting our BCD, it is also important that we feel relaxed and learn how to properly move into the water in order to be able to achieve the intended neutral buoyancy state.

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