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How to choose the right diving knife

A diving knife can be a very useful tool and it should be chosen carefully. Besides than paying special attention to which knife to pick, it is also important that a diver learns how to manipulate it and use it in order to avoid having accidents with it. If a diver doesn’t know how to control his movements and use the knife properly, he could cause serious damage around him.

First of all, the diving knife you acquire should ideally have a serrated and sharp edge. This way, it would be helpful if you need to do things such as saw and cut. Besides this, it should also have a flat head since this way you wouldn't puncture things which you wouldn't wish to as well as it would be very helpful in case you need to adjust gauges.

Also, you should look for a diving knife which has a pommel end that allows you to use it for hammering in case you need it. It should be made of a hard and strong material which assures you that it won’t break when you use it. Besides, you should have into account that a round shape knife end would not allow you to use it for hammering and would not be as helpful as the flat one. This way, its end should be hard and flat in order to be as useful as possible.

You should carry your diving knife tied to the inside of your thigh or the lower part of your leg and always with a cover. Otherwise, if you tie it to the outside of your leg it could cause many different accidents, not only ripping objects but also wounding sea fauna and flora and even other divers.

Your diving knife should only be used for practical reasons such as the mentioned above. You should never hurt or damage any marine fauna and flora with it. You should always be very careful about the way in which you use it and control your movements while you have it uncovered in order to avoid any accidents from happening.

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