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How does a regulator work?

Diving regulator is the name given to the group of pieces which allow a diver to breathe under the water. Therefore, the regulator consists on several equipment pieces which make it work as a unity. By looking at it, it might seem more complicated than it actually is once we know what function each piece has.

Due to the great importance of the function which a diver regulator has, it is indispensable that a diver knows exactly how it works and how to use it. You need to know what to do with your diving regulator in order to avoid having breathing problems while being under the water.

The regulator works by first converting the high pressure air of the diving tank into an intermediate pressure for which they must be attached. After that, the air pressure becomes again diminished once it goes through the regulator's mouthpiece from which the diver actually breathes.

The octopus or backup system is also a piece of the regulator's equipment. This is used when diving on a buddy system basis in which both divers carry the octopus in case his partner runs out of air. Also, where the regulator attaches to the diving tank there is a hose which goes to the buoyancy compensator in order to power its inflation.

The pressure gauge is attached to the same area where the above mentioned hose is as well. Often, there is another hose which connects the regulator with a dry suit. These are the main regulator pieces and the most important aspects of its functioning, and it is always advisable that you are able to recognize them while having the equipment in front of you.

Regarding the way in which you should use your diving regulator, you should first of all make sure there isn’t dust in any of its parts, it should be extremely clean. After you make sure of that, you should attach its hoses properly and making sure they work as they should. It is recommended that you ask for an expert’s advice in case you are using a diving regulator for the first time.

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