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Different kinds of pressure gauges

Pressure gauges are part of the basic diving equipment which all professional divers should have. Pressure gauges come in many styles and types and you might even find this kind of devices containing functions which are specific for many different activities besides than diving. All this might make the search for the proper pressure gauge difficult, and therefore you should have a clear idea on what you will be searching in order to have an easier task.

Among the different kinds of pressure gauges for different activities which you might find are, for example, pressure gauges for industrial applications, pressure gauges for petroleum or chemical processing industries, low pressure gauges, test gauges, contractor gauges and gauges for gas applications. As you can see, there are pressure gauges specifically thought for each activity which might demand one, and among these activities we can find the practice of diving.

All diving pressure gauges must have in common one first characteristic: they need to be submersible. This might sound obvious, but sometimes inexperienced divers forget checking on this feature and end up buying a pressure gauge which was meant for a different activity and does not function under water. If you make sure the pressure gauge you buy is specifically meant for diving or says to be submersible then you will avoid this problem.

When looking for a pressure gauge, it is important that you make sure it has a good pressure relief valve since this is a very important part of it and should always work properly. It is also important that you pay attention to the way it functions and how it should be employed, whether it can be used fastened to a horizontal or vertical surface or free standing.

There also are some pressure gauges meant for diving instructors. These gauges allow the diver instructor to use it with multiple connections in order to facilitate his task whenever he is working with a group of divers or apprentices. There are pressure gauges for every need and even several different models for each activity. Therefore, if you are not sure on how to choose the right gauge, you should go to a divers shop and ask for advice on which one to choose since they can easily assess you and help you buying the right one.

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