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What to look for in diving gloves

Gloves are more important clothing pieces for divers than they might seem. Diving gloves not only keep the diver's hands warm but also protect them. These diving clothing pieces might keep the diver's hands safe from being hurt or cut by corals or any other dangerous elements from the sea.

Diving gloves come in many different models, materials and thickness. There are models suitable for each specific diving activity and environment, and therefore divers should have a clear idea of these aspects before buying their diving gloves. Otherwise, divers could end up buying gloves which don’t suit the activity they will practice.

If you are going to practice snorkeling or you will dive in warm waters you should look for thin gloves which would mainly protect you from being hurt by cutting or edgy objects from the sea. Warm water diving doesn't involve the use of thick gloves or materials which maintain the hands warm or isolated from the water temperature.

On the other hand, if you are going to dive in cold waters you should use gloves made from a thick or an isolating material such as neoprene. When diving into cold water, maintaining the body temperature becomes one of the main worries a diver has. Therefore, you should make sure of wearing warm gloves which not only protect you from being hurt but also from the cold. It is important that you make sure these gloves allow you to move your hands easily or they would restrict your movements.

One of the main things you should pay attention to and check at the time of choosing and buying diving gloves is the palms. This part of the gloves should be reinforced and made of strong materials since it should be able to endure despite being in contact with damaging elements such as cutting corals. In case of diving gloves for cold waters, you should also make sure they seal to the hands in such a way that water doesn't filter through them. Many diving gloves are closed with Velcro in order to help divers sealing them better and this way preventing water to enter.

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