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Diving and hunting

Hunting while diving can have two different approaches; one approach is about sea life hunting while diving, and the other is about treasure hunting. These two kinds of hunting are very different and imply the respect of different laws and ethical aspects. Both of them involve the respect for the sea environment which the diver is visiting and the habitat in which sea life exists.

Hunting fish while diving is a practice which implies different ethical aspects as well as it depends on each area's laws and regulations. Some diving places do not allow hunting or producing a change in any sea related element, whether it is sea life or an object. It is highly advisable that any diver who wishes to hunt while diving finds out if it is allowed and learns all the regulations existing about it.

There are some diving areas which do allow divers to hunt some fish species and therefore from the law point of view it would be correct. But, from the point of view of ethics, it is always discussed if it is correct to hunt them or not. Diving is usually seen as a peaceful activity which involves the respect and admiration for the life and the environment in which it is practiced. If divers hunt fish it might even change the behavior of that habitat’s sea life and towards divers as well as the way the environment evolves.

On the other hand, and although it is very different than fish hunting, treasure hunting also involves laws, regulations and ethical aspects. Hunting treasures while diving is not allowed in many different places, and any diver who wishes to practice that activity must learn if he is allowed to do it in that area.

Diving and hunting treasures or sea objects such as corals or shells can only be done in few diving places. Most diving areas constantly receive divers and if they allowed them to remove things nothing would be left. Besides this, it is important to maintain the habitat in which the different fish species and plants live and that allow divers to enjoy the beautiful views for which most of them actually practice the activity.

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